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Monday, July 27, 2009

Totem Village in St Ignace

At Totem Village in St. Ignace there is a small chapel among the exhibits that was established by Chief White Wolf also known as Ralph McCarry. When the Chief originally set up the museum and village he included artifacts from Native Americans throughout the United States in the hope of building pride. The Chief has since passed and the proprietor of the last 40 years, Nancy, has worked to maintain the spirit and wishes of Chief White Wolf. The carved quote says, "There is only one True God, Creator of all men. Therefore be not puffed up but kneel and pray with your brother."


  1. St. Ignace is great!, I recommend driving, couple hundred miles north west to the tip of the U.P.,
    Copper Harbor, take a little ferry to Isle Royal, Michigan.
    One of my favorite places, in Michigan, possibly World.

    I'm confused by the final paragraph, is Chief White Wolf the One true God?

  2. Chief White Wolf was merely the name the Indians gave Ralph McCarry, because he so embodied the Indian ways. My mom was born in Copper Country, Drewbe!! It is God's country! Suzie