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Sunday, September 20, 2009

St. John's Episcopal Church

Check out the view from the Hockey Town patio roof bar! It's St. John's Episcopal Church on Woodward and I-75 dating back to 1861. The land (on the then outskirts of Detroit) was donated by Henry Baldwin-- a governor of Michigan as well as US Senator. This unique victorian gothic structure weighing 40 million pounds was moved 60 feet east in 1936 to accommodate the widening of the avenue. When you venture inside this national historic treasure, be sure to see its awesome Tiffany stained glass window and mosaic art. If you go to their homepage, you can hear the St John's choir belt out a glorious rendition of Schubert's Sanctus:

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  1. Next time you are in town for a Sunday game at Comerica Park or Ford Field, or a Sunday matinee at the Fox Theatre be sure to join us first for the 10am Service! Game casual dress is always welcome.

    Fr. Kelly