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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas from Edgar A. Guest

Woodlawn Cemetery on 8 Mile and Woodward is a historical, pleasant place to stroll no matter what the season. James Foster, kindly cemeterian, led me on a tour Christmas Eve that included Detroiter Edgar A Guest's tomb as well as the Dodges, the Wilsons, the Whitneys and even Rosa Parks. We indeed wish you a Merry Christmas and close with Edgar's precious words

A Christmas Carol by Edgar A. Guest

God bless you all this Christmas Day
And drive the cares and griefs away.
Oh, may the shining Bethlehem star
Which led the wise men from afar
Upon your heads, good sirs, still glow
To light the path that ye should go.
As God once blessed the stable grim
And made it radiant for Him;
As it was fit to shield His Son,
May thy roof be a holy one;
May all who come this house to share
Rest sweetly in His gracious care.
Within thy walls may peace abide,
The peace for which the Savior died.
Though humble be the rafters here,
Above them may the stars shine clear,
And in this home thou lovest well
May excellence of spirit dwell.
God bless you all this Christmas Day;
May Bethlehem’s star still light thy way
And guide thee to the perfect peace
When every fear and doubt shall cease.
And may thy home such glory know
As did the stable long ago.

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