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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Historic Holly Hotel and Battle Alley

The Holly Hotel and the street on which it stands--Battle Alley-- have both been given national historic designation. With 25 trains arriving daily in the early 1900's, the saloons were thriving and there were often fisticuffs on this street with many of the brawls spilling out of the hotel's own saloon! Carry Nation came with her trademark ax in 1908 to protest such wanton behavior. Her destructive force compelled the hotel owners to have her locked up! The building has survived a few fires, but renovations and attention to historic detail make it a gem on our list. Although no longer an inn, it is well known in the area for their fine dining and their elegant Victorian teas Monday-Saturday 2-5pm. They also celebrate Carry Nation Day by offering reduced prices on alcoholic beverages.

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