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Friday, July 23, 2010

Detroit People Mover - Times Square

The People mover first opened on July 23, 1987. It's only 50 cents a ride and takes about 1 hour to complete the circuit, hopping on and off to see all 13 stations. Tom Phardel (1950- ), who was teaching at Pewabic Pottery in '87, is the artist of the Time Square Station. The bold colors used are not typically found in the Pewabic palette. He created two murals, one you can see when entering the turnstiles, using 163 square feet of tile, and the others after turning the corner to the escalator using 800 square feet of tile. This work is tilted In Honor of W. Hawkins Ferry, Detroit architect and original member of the Art in the Stations Commission as well as president of the DIA's Friends of the Modern Art auxiliary.

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