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Monday, September 20, 2010

Dakota Inn Rathskeller in Detroit

It's that Oktoberfest time of year and there is truly no better place in Detroit to celebrate it than the Dakota Inn Rathskeller on John R near 7 Mile Rd. Their live entertainment on the weekends begins at 8pm and when the going gets good there are even sing-a-longs. "Ist das nicht ein Schnitzelbank"? We started out with a platter full of wonderful smoked gouda cheese and summer sausage with crackers.  You can swill that down with all kinds of German beers including Warsteiner Pilsner and Dunkel.  Friday night the restaurant was packed --all tables reserved. They are celebrating Oktoberfest for the next 5 weekends. Make your reservations now and be sure to enjoy all that schnitzal, bratwurt, spƤtzle, sauerkraut, potato pancakes and strudel!  Everyone gets an opportunity to wear the chicken hats!

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