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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gros Cap Park and St Helena lighthouse

There is an uninhabited island in Lake Michigan about 6 miles west of Mackinac Bridge. This photo was taken from Gros Cap Park in the UP and you can clearly see the St Helena lighthouse.  Built in 1873, it was automated by the US government in the early 1920's.  Without daily use, it deteriorated badly.  The Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association took it over in 1986.  They dedicated several summers  in a row to its restoration and have done an outstanding job. They will take people  (via boat!) on tours of the island and lighthouse. In addition, they are always looking for volunteers to help weed, clean, paint, dishwash and even be a tour guide! You have to sign up for a minimum of five days and you will actually stay on the island. The fee to be a helper is $75 for the boat ferrying and $12/day for your food! We are adventuresome enough to do it.  Boat tours leave from Shepler's dock in St Ignace.

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