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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bethlehem Alive! in Coopersville

A unique tradition called an indoor living nativity has been the focal point of Little Farms Chapel on December weekends for more than 20 years.  People come from miles around Grand Rapids to experience it.  They leave the larger animals outdoors like the donkeys and the horses. Wandering around the village, you can see people set up in their markets, selling different foods like the fishmonger above. Children work right alongside adults weaving rugs, making baskets, baking bread and selling pottery. A number of beggars in the streets lend authenticity to the Bethlehem village.  The local inn had no rooms available. Eventually you follow the light to a chorus of angels and the manger scene we are all familiar with.  Kudos to this small Coopersville church who has obviously put in a lot of time and research on this living tableau.

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