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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Buick Gallery in Flint

The Buick Automotive Gallery is contained within the last remaining building of the entire Buick plant in Flint. Amidst antique pumps and a Vernors Wagon are dozens of classic Buicks and Chevrolets including many concept cars. On display is the Hellcat Tank Destroyer which was used in World War II and built by Buick. It is part of the Sloan Museum, but although the Sloan Museum is open on Sundays, this special Buick Gallery is open Monday through Saturday only. Did you know that the founder of Buick, David Buick, was born in Scotland in 1854? He moved to Detroit with his parents as an infant. He and Benjamin Briscoe formed the Buick Motor Company (the oldest American car manufacturer) in 1903 when David was 49 years old. Taking a stroll through the Buick Gallery is like walking back through history.


  1. The WW2-era tank destroyer sounds quite awesome, not to mention fascinating. Despite the chaos of that era, Buick and many others learned a lot when it came to transportation, which would later be used to benefit the civilian cars of the same era.

    -Tari Ledsome

  2. Looking back through time, cars have definitely evolved so much. But there’s something about vintage cars that make them very impressive, even today. It goes to show that they will be remembered and cherished for the generations to come. :)

    ~ Sebastian Gaydos