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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is about the birth of the Christ child for which there are thousands and thousands of churches across our state tonight holding services, lighting candles and praying for peace.  And we celebrate the birth of twins, Andrew and Mary, who through the miracle of modern medicine at St Joseph Mercy Hospital in Pontiac and much prayer were able to survive birth two months prematurely. Last Christmas, we featured Edgar A Guest, who is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery on Woodward south of 8 Mile. On Christmas Eve, we feature another of his poems today in honor of those serving in our armed forces and the families who await their safe return.

A Christmas Greeting

Here's to you, little mother,
With your boy so far away;
May the joy of service smother
All your grief this Christmas day;
May the magic of his splendor
Thrill your spirit through and through
And may all that's fine and tender
Make a smiling day for you.

May you never know the sadness
That from day to day you dread;
May you never find but gladness
In the Flag that's overhead;
May the good God watch above him
As he stands to duty stern,
And at last to all who love him
May he have a safe return.

Little mother, take the blessing
Of a grateful nation's heart;
May the news that is distressing
Never cause your tears to start;
May there be no fears to haunt you,
And no lonely hours and sad;
May your trials never daunt you,
But may every day be glad.

Little Mother, could I do it,
This my Christmas gift would be:
That he'd safely battle through it,
This to you I'd guarantee.
And I'd pledge to you this morning
Joys to banish all your cares,
Gifts of gold and silver scorning,
I would answer all your prayers.

Edgar Albert Guest 

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  1. Hi Suzie,
    Just got your Christmas letter. Michigan in photos--what a fun project. Check out my blog (not as frequently posted to as yours). I like your color scheme :^)

    Blessings for a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!