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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

King's Cake from Le Petit Prince in Birmingham

Le Petit Prince in Birmingham has been providing mouth-watering French pastries more than 25 years. Since the 70's, it has been run by the Didierjeans from southern France. For the January 6th celebration they have been busy making various sizes of King's Cake or Galettes des Rois in honor of the Wise Men who visited Jesus in Bethlehem. Each cake has a surprise in it, some little token. Whoever gets the piece with that charm in it is king for the day, hence the crown.

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  1. How beautiful! Though I love everything having to do with baked goods, I must admit I've never yet made it into Le Petit Prince. I realize this is inexcusable because I don't live far from it at all. Now you've convinced me to take the plunge. Your blog is wonderful, by the way!