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Sunday, April 10, 2011

St Aloysius Catholic Church in Detroit

St Aloysius on Washington Boulevard is sandwiched between other office buildings and doesn't even look like a church from the outside.  It was a friend who led us here to St Als, as it is known affectionately.  "Everybody's Church" is built of solid granite and stone and these impressive entrance doors glisten in the shining sun. This edifice having long been part of the Detroit Historical Society's historical church tours opened in 1921 after only 4 months construction. Its interior is unique in the world --built on 3 levels, and although confined to a space about 75 x 100 feet, it can hold 2000 worshippers because it is built like a well! They are singing and praying for the revitalization of Detroit this Wednesday night at 5pm. Besides weekend services, they also have a mass Monday-Friday at 12:15 where you can come experience St Aloysius for yourself.

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