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Sunday, May 22, 2011

St Anne's Church on Mackinac Island

The little white church just past the bustling downtown area on Mackinac Island is called St Anne's.  With a history going back to the 1600's and Père Marquette, it definitely stays open year round.  Attendance does swell in the summertime and it becomes a haven of respite for various international groups and even teens have their own night. But, everyone comes to worship when their work schedule permits as they have a service every day. An interesting fact about St Anne's is that that the church was located on the lower peninsula at Fort Michimilimackinac, but British soldiers who had relocated to Mackinac Island, pushed the church across the ice to the island in the winter of 1781!  Rebuilt in the 1800's, it is very well maintained.  We were blessed to hear the Barrington Children's Choir give a concert.

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