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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sterling Heights Public Library's Bears

The mother bear's feet are well worn as is her cub's nose because normally children are climbing all over this statue sitting so serenely in front of the Sterling Heights Library on Dodge Park. This beloved creation by Michigan artist Marshall Fredericks celebrates its 30th birthday this year. He must be our favorite artist, because we have featured him here, here, here and here before.  Did you know that Michigan was the first state to provide in its constitution for the establishment of public libraires? We love the one in Sterling Heights which is located not far from Dodge Park. It is a constantly busy place and residents enjoy making use of their collection of almost a quarter of a million books. With their electronic system, patrons queue up books on line from all over the county, and the library emails their patrons when those books arrive. Tonight's special guest at 7pm is Michigan author D.E. Johnson who wrote The Detroit Electric Scheme, a murder-mystery set in Detroit a hundred years or so ago.

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