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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Velodrome at Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills

Did you know that Detroit is a popular city for cycling? According to New Yorker, David Byrnes (musician and avid cyclist), the Detroit area is one of the top 8 biking areas of the world. This includes the Bloomer Park Velodrome in Rochester Hills at the end of John R Road. It was funded privately and built and maintained by volunteers. Designer Dale Hughes, who built the olympic bike tracks for Atlanta and Seoul, is Bloomer's architect as well. Yesterday, we were lucky to catch these guys biking, because you can really see how angled the marine plywood track is in the corners --44 degrees is a lot!  On Saturday mornings, they offer to give you a lesson and even provide the bike and the helmet.  This is the  only velodrome (vélo is French for bike) in Michigan and it is dedicated to the memory of Detroit biker and coach Mike Walden. Get out and enjoy our Spring! Bloomer Park has extensive hiking trails, lots of playground equipment and many picnic tables. Thanks to veteran cyclist, Gene Diggs, for giving us all the lowdown.

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