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Friday, June 3, 2011

Fuji Japanese Buffet in Madison Heights

The twenty somethings around us let us know about the Fuji Japanese Buffet in Madison Heights. The profuse use of cherry woods dazzle the eyes when you walk in and the fact that people sit on the floor.  But wait, there are other rooms with table seating, too. Then there is the glorious food --sushi made by lots of chefs, right before your eyes. Wow. It's all you can eat in a very fresh buffet style and open every day of the year. The squid in the bottom photo was a delicious highlight.  The price on the weekends ($20/person for dinner and $14 for lunch) is higher than week nights ($18 and $12 respectively). They also have shabu shabu (we just love to say it!), the Asian hot pot for $10 more.

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