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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Royal Oak Clay, Glass and Metal Show

Washington Street was the hub of action in Royal this past weekend as more than 100 artists were featured in the Clay, Glass and Metal Show put on by the Chamber of Commerce.  With the beautiful weathr, there were a slew of people checking out the decorative pieces made by Warren Townsend and the glass cup demo'ed by Jimmy and Brittany from Albert Young's studio. Live entertainment and food rounded out the jam-packed weekend. Thanks, Kat, for the photos!


  1. Hey, thanks for sharing. I bet it was fun! Did they sell any souvenirs?

    International call

  2. If you mean the glassblowers, no; they didn't have an annealer on site and weren't able to sell pieces anyway as they didn't have a booth (if I remember correctly, they had to buy some sort of permit or license). They were there as demonstrators only. That means that yes, as soon as Jimmy finished that goblet, it went right into the box of broken/discarded glass at his feet!