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Thursday, June 9, 2011

St. John's Marsh Wildlife Area- Clay Township

St John's Marsh is part of the Great Lakes Coastal Marsh ecosystem where water levels fluctuate.  During drier periods it may become pools of very shallow water with mudflats that create water and vegetation conditions that are healthy for the ecosystem. This may become a temporary inconvenience for recreational users.  Paddlers entering the expanse of wetlands can lose themselves—and all their worries—in a watery maze of swaying grasses and aquatic plants. You can see most of the area within two to three hours of casual paddling. Its location is less than an hour northeast of Detroit making it a pleasant escape from the urban grind.  Beware of hunters and coyotes, fox, deer, duck, geese,  heron, and may other birds, amphibians, and snake. For trail map, click here.

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