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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Haunted lighthouse in Presque Isle

First of all, to set the record straight, it is pronounced presk EEL--not like Belle Isle.  It is that omnipresent French influence in our state. Secondly, we had heard rumors that the old Presque Isle lighthouse was haunted and the lady in the gift shop gave us the whole scoop. It is pretty fascinating. This squat little tower was built in 1840, making it 171 awesome years old. It is no longer in use, however, George Parris, the former caretaker in the 1800's, returns habitually in ghost form to relight it!  Today it is a fine museum and we highly recommend it, being open until 7pm in the evening.  Can you believe it?  Climb away and get a gorgeous view--if you dare.

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