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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The DIA's Inside/Out

Curiouser and curiouser we become when the art in our museum suddenly appears in our communities. We found this reproduction of François Millet's Reading the Story of Oenome on a shed at Eastern Market. This year the DTE Energy Foundation has helped fund the Inside/Outside project put on by the DIA. There are 80 pieces of art in Detroit and surrounding communities like Holly, Milford, Macomb, Warren, Franklin, Birmingham, Armada, Lake Orion, Oxford and Belleville. The DIA encourages viewers to post photos of the reproductions on their Flickr group and to geocache with the art. Each community that participates gets a free day at the museum. How many have you seen? You have until the end of November enjoy the current crop, but new ones will be installed in April.

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