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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Trattoria Stella in Traverse City's Village

Up on the hill in Traverse City is a large complex that used to be the psychiatric hospital. Run by the state, it first opened in 1885. The mental ward closed in 1989, but the buildings were saved from being razed and have been beautifully renovated. It is now known as "The Village". There are condos, an art center, grocery stores and the lovely Trattoria Stella, an Italian bistro run by Chef Myles. This wonderful basement eatery serves heavenly food in an historic cozy atmosphere.  We loved it. 

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  1. I am SO going to have to make a trek out to Traverse city... a meal cooked up and served inn the basement of the old psych ward? That is way to bizarrely awesome not to pass up. As an amateure historian with a particular interest in architecture, I can't express how FRIGGIN' ROCK-AWESOME it is that this whole community has come together and saved a piece of their architectural history. We need more of this kind of action in the United States. ^_^*