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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Keweenaw Heritage Center at St Anne's in Calumet

It's large, it's beautiful and it's 111 years old.  St Anne's in Calumet was decommissioned by the Catholic Church 40-some years ago due to declining population and attendance.  But the building, made of local red sandstone, was preserved and restored by a non-profit group whose members have spent thousands of hours lovingly bringing it back to its glory. They were quick to respond to the lightning strike this past year where they had to repair the roof and the steeple. Even the 100 year old organ works again and wonderful concerts are given throughout the summer. Since 1994, it has housed the Keweenaw Heritage Center which serves as an educational and cultural center supported by donations from Finns, Scots, Swedes, Slovenians, French Canadians, Italians and many others who live in the area or whose heritage goes back to Calumet.

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