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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Green Dot Stable in Detroit

Not far from the Ambassador Bridge, the restaurant called Green Dot Stable on Lafayette just reopened. The décor is all horses and racing which made for a huge crowd last weekend for the Kentucky Derby. Of course, they served mint juleps and hot browns. Their slider sandwiches range between $2-4 of which you should definitely try the catfish! Currently open for lunch only, it's worth a trot over to this Corktown bistro run by Jacques.


  1. I've seen this place when I go boatwatching at Riverside Park but never knew what it was. Thanks. I may have to try it out some day. Is it open for lunch all week or just during the work week?

  2. They were originally open only for lunch and now they are open 6 days a week 11am until late. Closed on Sundays, but I think they hope to open even on Sunday. I think you will like it, Mikoyan! Suzie