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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Grand Haven Lighthouses

Not too many of these catwalks still exist, so it's a treat to see it and the Grand Haven Entrance and Inner Lighthouse structures on Lake Michigan. These range lights are very unique. The house shape lighthouse at the end of the pier is the original building from 1875 known as the fog house.  To protect it from the fury of Lake Michigan, they gave it a corrugated iron covering all the way around. The lighthouse keeper in the fog house would use the catwalk to return to shore in bad weather. The breakwater is always crowded with fishermen and tourists.  It is closed when the waves are too high as people have been swept out to sea. The Grand Haven Lighthouse Conservancy works hard to maintain and protect the lighthouses now as the US Coast Guard no longer needed them.


  1. The Grand Haven lighthouse is pretty neat. I'm more partial to Pt. Betsie myself.

  2. I have not seen that one yet! It's on our list though. Maybe this summer. Waht do you like about it, Mikoyan? Suzie