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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Negwegon State Park near Black River

Like dummies, we ventured into Negwegon State Park near the town of Black River, without any background information. We found out afterwards that 4-wheel drive vehicles are recommended.  Not too many visitors venture into this vast wilderness on Lake Huron.  We almost got stuck in the sandy road approaches and probably would have been marooned there for some time. But, hey, we love adventures and this natural, serene park is a gem just waiting to be explored! Not only are there eight miles of sandy beaches, four rustic campsites, 12 miles of foot trails (one of which is the old stagecoach path from Harrisville to Alpena) amidst its 3700 acres, but we hear tell there is an ancient 5,000 year old stone wall within the park and indian burial grounds.  Look for the endangered Pitcher's thistle while hiking here, as well as the Hines emerald dragonfly and it's a paradise for birders and kayakers. The park was named after the Chief of the Chippewa tribe who hunted and fished here. The boulder's plaque is in honor of C. Hazlett Kramer, humanitarian and conservationist.

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