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Saturday, September 15, 2012

MSU Tollgate Gardens in Novi

What perfect weather today for the Fall Fair at the MSU Tollgate Gardens in Novi. This large working farm was donated to MSU in the 1980's and it is open to the public Monday through Saturdays. But their Fall Fair was an extravaganza! Parking was free and very organized.  Admission was free and all children were given bags with handles on them on which their names were elegantly written.  This was for all their artwork! Many many volunteers were manning various stations.  There was face painting, rock painting, pumpkin painting and hand painting. The younguns were encouraged to play the game "I spy". The kids were casting and fishing in the pond and releasing. There were free hot dogs and free beverages, free popcorn and lots of candies and cookies.  Hay wagon rides took people on grand tours. The wonderful music was the old time country variety. Families were having a blast.

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