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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Christmas Cove Farm in Northport

What fun to find an antique apple farm up on the Leelenau Peninsula.  John and Phyllis Kilcherman have delved into the history of apples and have cultivated and sold more than 200 varieties of these juicy specimens, many of which origins date back centuries ago. They say the Spitzenburg apple was Thomas Jefferson's favorite. Located near Northport, Kilcherman's Christmas Cove Farm also has a phenomenal collection of more than 10,000 soda bottles from days long ago. "John the Apple Man" and Phyllis send out gift boxes of all sorts of apples with the history on each variety. They've been written up in the New York Times and the Free Press. This four generation 80 acre farm makes some incredible unpasteurized cider, too. Thanks, Hal Evans, for the photo.

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