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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Port Hope Chimney

The Port Hope Chimney was built by John Gletz in 1858 and is the only remains of the lumber mill established that year by William R. Staffard.  The mill was destroyed by fire.   Farming eventually replaced lumber as the major industry when the trees were gone.  The town of Port Hope grew up around the mill and has some beautiful Victorian style homes.  There is a fantastic camp ground next to the chimney  on Lake Huron, with a baseball field, beach, playground, boat launch, and building.  Along the  old fashioned main street there are with a few antique shops and  a Realtor's office that looks more like a museum  than a real estate office.   A walking tour brochure,with some of the 11 historic sites listed on the National register of Historic Places, is available for visitors.

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