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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Silversides Submarine in Muskegon

Treat your kids to an adventure of a lifetime with a sleep over on the USS Silversides Submarine in Muskegon! First launched in 1941, it is now part of the Great Lakes Memorial and Museum. Daily tours are offered on this WWII gato-class submarine where you can explore both the top deck and the levels below. You learn that she sank 23 ships. Silversides was used in the making of the movie Below in 2002 when they towed her out to Lake Michigan


  1. The Silversides is pretty cool. If you cross Lake Michigan on the Badger, there is the Cobia in Manitiwoc. If you hop on the Wolverine to Chicago, there is the U-505 which is a German U-boat. Cleveland has the Cod.

    Behind the Silversides is a Coast Guard cutter.

  2. And we've been aboard the USS Requin (which means shark) in Pittsburgh. Yes, it is very cool that we preserve these pieces of history. Thanks, Mikoyan