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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bear Cave in Buchanan

If you are a spelunker and love exploring caves, then you must head for Buchanan where the only naturally formed cavern in Michigan is found. Located at Bear Cave Resort along the St Joseph River, it is formed from tufa rock and is very small, but worth a visit, as tufa caves are pretty rare. It has some history as being used as a stop in the Underground Railroad and some infamous bank robbers stored loot here in 1875 and thus the cave was featured in the famous 1903 silent movie The Great Train Robbery. Entering through the gift shop, the resort gives out flashlights when exploring the cave, so that you might see better the stalactites, petrified leaves, fossils, etc. It is located within a pretty campground that is shaded and has sites for tents and rvs.

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