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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kirk in the Hills

Melrose Abbey of Scotland (where Robert the Bruce's heart is buried!) was used as a pattern for Kirk in the Hills. We heard they even took a piece of the abbey ruins and incorporated it into this gorgeous place of worship. The carillon tower, with 77 bells, is the world's largest. The Melrose Chapel off the sanctuary has some beautiful stained glass windows in the style of France's Chartres Cathedral. We experienced this intimate chapel for Taizé worship, which is a more introspective meditative style of prayer and music with lots of candles. Taizé at Kirk in the Hills take place the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm. This gothic presbyterian church is located on Long Lake Rd just west of Telegraph in Bloomfield Hills. Notice the rooster on top of the spire....every church steeple in France uses this symbol also.

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