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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Michigan Toy Soldier in Royal Oak

You've probably heard about this place but it's a "you won't believe it until you see it" kind of thing. The Michigan Toy Soldier on 11 Mile in Royal is one of a kind.  They even bill themselves as the world's largest complete source for plastic or medal soldiers and figures, historical military miniatures, figure and model kits, die cast armor, and on and on. It's an incredible walk through history. Talk to anybody employed there and you will find that they are a collector and a history buff.  They have these awesome scenes set up to represent the Napoleonic Wars and the French Revolution, the Civil War, medieval times, the far west back in the day, the Roman Empire, World War I, WWII, etc.  Need to brush up on your history? They have books and dvd's that cover everything. We only asked, "Where is Napoleon in this group"?  And we were shown the Emperor and Marshall Ney and Wellington and before you know it, we we get into battle details. Amazing!

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