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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vinsetta's Garage in Berkley

People have been just gushing over the recently opened Vinsetta's Garage on Woodward in Berkley so we had to go see for ourselves.  It definitely rates an OMG not only for its preservation efforts but for their food as well.  The lovely building has so much character.  Dating back 91 years, they kept many things in the vintage garage as they were. It opens onto Woodward where you can see the classic cars cruising by. Everyone raves about the burgers but we went for the balls and noodles where you pick your own ingredients. It was flat out fantastic as was the key lime pie in a mason jar. There will be a wait line. Some people have dug in as long as 3 hours to get a table, but, listen up guys, it is worth it! With Woodward's Dream Cruise this weekend, well, it's the perfect hang out place.

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