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Monday, September 9, 2013

Michigan's Soy Crops are almost ready for harvest

Michigan is the 2nd most agriculturally diverse state next to California producing approximately 34 different commodities.  Michigan ranks 12th in soybean production with nearly 2 million acres planted annually.  Approximately 84.5 million bushels of soybeans are harvested annually in Michigan in more than half of our counties. When the crop turns yellow from the rich green, it is ready for harvest by this large harvesting machine that is used solely for this purpose.    Michigan export soybeans to Canada, Japan, Indonesia, China and South Korea.  Soybeans are known as the miracle crop because they have such versatility.   It has two components: oil and protein.   It can be used as a lubricant, paint remover, concrete sealer, bar soap, candle, hairspray, pumice, shampoo, spray foam insulation, anti corrosion agent, clothing, crayons, detergents, epoxies, fire logs, fish food, packaging films, truck bed liner, yarn, bio diesel fuel and for so many other   things.

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